What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire?

Find out what happened to Chili on Chicago Fire and how the team is adjusting to their new leader.

What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire?

At the start of Season 4 of

Chicago Fire

, Chief Boden was under investigation and surveillance, and the team rallied around him in support. Unfortunately, he was arrested and demoted as Chief, and replaced by Dallas Patterson. Jessica “Chilli” Chilton had been a fan favorite since her debut in the show, and her lively performance as an informant's twin sister earned her a spot as a main character. Chili was an ambulance driver in season 3, but she had a difficult time with her drinking habit.

She was eventually fired from her job for drinking at work. In the most recent episode, Boden (Eamonn Walker) fired Chili (Dora Madison) without ceremony. Although disciplinary action had been a long time coming due to Chili's tardiness and excessive drinking after her sister's death, the decision to let her go was still unexpected, especially since Madison had been promoted to a regular series early in the season after joining the team as Brett's new paramedic partner at the end of season three.The sudden departure of Chili left many fans wondering what would happen next. With Dallas Patterson now in charge, it remains to be seen how the team will adjust to their new leader.

Will they be able to work together as effectively as they did with Boden? Will Chili ever return? Only time will tell.