ChiliPad vs BedJet: Which is the Best Mattress Cooler?

ChiliPad vs BedJet: Find out which mattress cooler is best for you with this side-by-side comparison of their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

ChiliPad vs BedJet: Which is the Best Mattress Cooler?

When it comes to cooling power, the


is the clear winner. Its water-based design allows it to lower the bed temperature up to 55℉, while the BedJet can only reach 66℉ at best. The ChiliPad is a great addition to any bedroom and can cool your bed to 55 degrees or warm it up to 115 degrees. It can be controlled remotely and helps you fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

Bedjet and ChiliPad may seem similar, but they have two different purposes besides refreshing you. Bedjet is an air pump that uses room air to cool and dissipate sweat from the body, while ChiliPad is a mattress protector that uses water to refresh the body while you sleep. The ChiliPad doesn't blow air while you sleep, so it won't dry out your skin. Plus, you can use a quilt or a blanket with it.

The customer service at ChiliSleep is also top-notch, making it a great choice for anyone considering one. The ChiliPad works by flowing cold or heated water from the nearby control unit through woven tubes. We tested it against the BedJet 3 Dual Zone and the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover for two weeks and found that the ChiliPad had better cooling effects than the other two products. The Cube with ChiliPad Cool Mesh is also a great buy if you don't need advanced technology.

The ChiliSleep Cube sleep system with Chilipad circulates pressurized water in the bed and provides temperature control of the mattress surface. It's a good upgrade to the Cube, but there's nothing wrong with the Cube with ChiliPad Cool Mesh if it fits your budget better. Eight Sleep also provides an easy setup experience compared to Chilipad and BedJet.If you're looking for ways to enjoy a cooler night's sleep or need a way to warm your bed and provide therapeutic warmth, then Chilipad Cube and BedJet are both great options. The older sister OOLER is a clear improvement on the ChiliPad, leaving the ChiliPad a little cheaper, while still working very well.