How Quiet is the ChiliPad Ooler?

Learn how quiet the ChiliPad Ooler is from an expert's perspective. Find out how it compares to other cooling mattress pads on the market and why it could be a great investment for those looking for an efficient cooling solution.

How Quiet is the ChiliPad Ooler?



control unit is a relatively quiet device, with a noise level of approximately 55 decibels from a distance of one foot. This white noise should not be a problem for most people who sleep, but if you are sensitive to sound, the OOLER has a quiet mode that is even quieter. In addition, Chili systems consume much less energy than Dualtemp systems, making them a great investment for those looking for an efficient cooling solution. The ChiliPad is made of water, which allows it to regulate temperature more effectively than electrical or pneumatic options.

It is still available today, although its newer counterpart, the OOLER, is an improved version of the ChiliPad. It is slightly cheaper and works just as well. Most other cooling mattress pads on the market are made with materials that absorb or dissipate heat, unlike the OOLER and the ChiliPad which circulate water at a controlled temperature. You can set the ChiliPad between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit, so no matter if you sleep hot or cold, you can adjust it to find the perfect temperature for you.

In simple terms, a ChiliPad is a water-powered mattress cushion that is placed under the sheets to heat and cool the bed. It comes with a remote control to turn the unit on and off and select the temperature you prefer. If you have an original ChiliPad, it is recommended to occasionally add a cleaning solution to the water tank, then empty it and let clean water run through it again. I am very pleased with my decision to get the improved version of Ooler.

If you are considering buying a ChiliPad, this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The Ooler has some features that make it stand out from its predecessor - such as being able to set a schedule - which could be beneficial for those who want more control over their sleeping environment. The Cube with ChiliPad and the OOLER are both ChiliSleep devices and I believe that the OOLER works better than the Cube. However, if those features are not important to you, then the Cube with ChiliPad Cool Mesh is still an excellent choice.