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Hostgator vs iPage

April 25, 2016 at 2:07 pm

To say the Hostgator is one of the most popular and reputable webhosting companies in the world could prove to be an understatement. It could even be safe to say that it has already become a household name in the industry; something that has become synonymous with webhosting in general. iPage, on the other hand, is another web hosting company that is not exactly enjoying the same acclaim. How would the latter fare if it’s pitted against such a giant? Let’s find out.


Comparison of Hostgator and iPage’s Standout Features
Hostgator is well-loved for its reasonable shared hosting plans and powerful dedicated servers. Without a doubt, a lot of users worldwide patronize its monthly payment terms. The lowest plan, Hatchling, is evidently catering newbies more because of its one-domain limit, with features such as unlimited disks space, bandwidth, emails, and databases thrown in.

Undoubtedly, the Baby plan is the best choice for most users due to the superfluous difference in pricing between it and the Hatchling plan. Take note that pricing depends on the duration that you choose to sign up for. Yearly terms offer greater discounts. The mere fact that you’ll also unlock unlimited domains in the Baby plan makes it the better choice. The highest plan, Business, is also not without appeal because of the free private SSL certificate, toll number and dedicated I.P. that comes with it.

Hostgator’s dedicated server plans are really very much worth their monthly prices. This is due primarily to the amount of RAM that you would be getting for it. It’s rare for the web hosting companies to offer 4GB of RAM in their basic plans for such ridiculously low prices (all the more so if Hostgator is currently offering their magnanimous discounts). The memory increases two-fold if you avail of their Elite and Pro plans, respectively. Equally appealing are the Quad core processors that come with them. It is definitely a good choice for business owners who are already deep in the Internet marketing game but still want to get the best, optimized prices for their web hosting.

The pluses of iPage, on the other hand, come in its VPS and dedicated server plans. This fact alone is enough to convince anyone that iPage is certainly better for more experienced webmasters. Their VPS plans start at $24.99/month, and they only offer Linux-based servers for it, which is already a real downside for most webmasters. This is not at all the case with Hostgator as it’s offering both Windows and Linux servers in almost all of its plans). Their Basic plan offers 1GB of memory, 40GB storage, and 1TB of data transfers. This multiplies as you avail of the higher plans, Business, and Optimum.

Their dedicated servers also only support Linux. Their pricing models are noticeably close to Hostgator’s, but the latter’s lengthy discounts are clearly more substantial. The Startup plan has and has a regular price of $149.99/month has a two-cored processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of storage and 5TB of monthly data transfer. The Professional plan is clearly the one to go for because of the big bonuses that you can get from it, particularly a four-cored processor, 8BG of RAM, 1000GB of storage and 10TB of bandwidth. The said plan is comparatively cheap as well with a regular price of $189.99/month. The last plan, Enterprise’s only difference from it is its 16GB of RAM and 15TB of bandwidth. You will be given a good discount (only $119/month, for instance in the Startup plan) for your first term, though. However, this apparent big difference in pricing is what irks most users.

Both web-hosting companies offer Weebly software, which is arguably one of the most user-friendly site-building platforms at present. It’s for this reason that they can be both recommended for budding business owners who want to start out with a solid host, feature-wise.

Why Hostgator Ultimately Trumps iPage
What really pulls iPage’s ratings down is its seeming ordinariness, at least, if compared to just about its other counterparts. It’s web hosting company that a user, who is in a hurry of finding a solid price plan for his web hosting, would definitely not hesitate to choose (especially if but would definitely soon replace if he just takes the time to scour the Net for abundant, better alternatives). There are also issues in its pricing model. For instance, users have reported that the monthly price tends to rise after their first year. This lack of consistency in pricing is not at all appealing, and it’s an issue that’s very much absent in something as well-established as Hostgator.

With that said in the fight, Hostgator vs iPage, the former is clearly the favored winner. This is all the more proven by the fact that Hostgator has always been included in various lists of the best webhosting companies in the world while iPage is rarely in one. Hostgator also caters more to novices who mean to start testing online waters, unlike iPage, which only ever shines with its VPS and dedicated server hosting. Hostgator is also one of the most proactive companies when it comes to giving discounts to its clients. Who, after all, is known for the $0.01 hosting promo? It’s for these reasons that our 5/5 rating would go to Hostgator in this battle. As a good, all-around web hosting company that always ensures it’s giving users everything they could ask for, it certainly deserves as much.